improved food safety in traditional dairy products

What We Do

This action aims to open up new markets for EUROACE dairy products by developing the necessary technology to achieve a pasteurised version of soft sheep cheese to obtain an innovative product that allows cheesemaking industries in these regions to produce products with sufficient sanitary guarantees to access markets that are currently vetoed all while keeping them as similar as possible to the original products produced with raw milk.

Who Participates

Coordinated by: Extremadura Science and Technology Research Centre (CICYTEX)
Participating partners: Extremadura Science and Technology Research Centre (CICYTEX), Centro de Apoio Tecnológico Agro Alimentar (CATAA) and the Castelo Branco Polytechnic Institute (IPCB)
Collaboration from: Extremadura Cheese Producers Association (Casar de Cáceres), Quesería Doña Francisca (Casar de Cáceres), Quesería Tamussia (Botija), Capriarsa (Azuaga), Arteserena (Campanario) LACTOCYEX (Malpartida de Cáceres), PROINLAC (Viseu), Queijaria da Fonte (Ladoeiro), Queijaria Tavares (Seia), INOVCLUSTER (Castelo Branco).

How We Do It

This action consists of:

  1. The study of the physical/chemical and microbiological parameters required to export to destination countries.
  2. The determination of technological parameters in the production of soft sheep cheese.
  3. The design and application of new production processes.
  4. Cheese production in collaborating industries.
  5. The dissemination of results.


Activity Coordinator: Rafael Tabla Sevillano (CICYTEX) |