entrepreneur discovery

What We Do

We wish to lay the foundation for an integrated and joint strategy that fosters Entrepreneur Discovery to promote the Lab to Market process by defining a framework for action and designing tools and methods to promote Entrepreneur Discovery as well as analysis and trends in the participating regions’ areas of specialisation.

Who Participates

How We Do It

The Entrepreneur Discovery activity: Outlook and Strategy consists of:

  1. Co-producing a shared roadmap to foster Entrepreneur Discovery based on defining a framework of operation and designing instruments to improve the detection, development and consolidation of the Entrepreneur Discovery process as well as promote the from Lab to Market process at R+D+i centres in the EUROACE regions.
  2. Co-designing and testing Entrepreneur Discovery promotion methods among the various stakeholders comprising the value chain of smart specialisation areas in the participating regions which foster lateral thinking to produce innovative products and services based on ideas, knowledge and research.
  3. 3. Co-creating a prospective document on trends and possibilities in the participating regions in 2030 based on Entrepreneur Discovery through a scientific, business and youth vision.


Activity Coordinator: Patricia Da Costa Félix Bermejo and Maika Díaz Aguilar (FUNDECYT-PCTEX) | innoace@fundecyt-pctex.es