new trends in the construction industry diagnosis and proposals for massive bim (building information modeling) implementation in euroace

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What We Do

The purpose of the task is to massively implement BIM (Building Information Modeling), a method that will make a mark on the future of smart building and infrastructure design.

BIM is an international standard which is being imposed in the construction sector and includes the use of various cloud-supported technologies. It is a tool for managing projects through a 3D digital model that reduces costs, shortens design and production times and improves the quality of engineering, architecture and construction projects. Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon countries and the European Parliament are currently implementing this model in their projects and other European countries are looking at how to add it essentially to public tendering processes.

Therefore, this task aims to establish the BIM model in the EUROACE region in order to increase enterprise competitiveness, prevent their technological disconnection, create market competition and foster the development of the construction sector.

Who Participates

Coordinated by: INTROMAC
Participating Entities: INTROMAC, FEVAL and IPP.

How We Do It

This action is implemented through the following blocks:

  1. Diagnosis of the current situation: analysing the current situation of the use of the BIM model in the EUROACE zone. The final objective is to detect shortages in the sector and their stakeholders in relation to this new technology and then identify the most appropriate strategies for guaranteeing their implementation.
  2. BIM skills and training itinerary: The training focuses on three very important aspects for BIM adoption at EUROACE, which are:
    • BIM method skills and knowledge. Management, VDC, IPD, Lean, new roles.
    • The usage capabilities of BIM tools for the lifecycle.
    • Generation, dissemination and standardisation of supplier BIM databases.
  3. 3. The performance of pilot industrialised and smart construction projects: mentoring and the practical completion of some pilot projects in some selected firms and businesses.


Activity Coordinator: Manuel Martín Castizo (INTROMAC) |